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Providing and Developing Musical Artistry

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Like many others, my musical journey started with piano lessons at a very early age. But at four years old it was just another boring activity that your parents made you do. It wasn't until I heard the infectious beat and vibe of a boogie woogie piano record that I was bitten by the proverbial music bug. Shortly thereafter, I snuck into this night club with these purple blue plush booths in tiered rows and a Champaign sequenced drum set under the spotlight. That is when the point of no return happened, I was going to be a musician with the lifelong pursuit of creativity. Like a moth to a flame I was drawn to the language of music. Fast forward a couple of years later, I began playing drums, organ and studying composition. 

Since that moment, music would become a driving force in my life. As a musician you tend to go through cycles or seasons of what you like to play and listen to stylistically. At some point it all comes full circle to meld into an ocean of musical influences and a diversified pallete of musical genres. 

Music is an ongoing art which never stagnates. There is always something novel to pursue, develop and be excited about. My desire is to share and nurture my philosophy about art and life with others who find themselves on their own musical journey.

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CD Clips      Broadcast Production Music      Artists