Steven Goomas

Providing and Developing Musical Artistry


Macintosh Computers, Pro Tools HD3 192 I/O and MIDI I/O, 2 Focusrite ISA 428 Mic Pres, Demeter Stereo Mike Tube Preamp, Scarlett 2i2, AKAI DR 16 Hard Disk Recorder, Tascam TSR8, Black Lion Audio MK2 Clock, MTP AV & MTP 1&2, Lexicon LPX15, PCM70, Drawmer DL221, DL241, Alesis 3630, Mackie 32x8, Line Mixer 120, Yamaha MSP10's, Hafler PRO2400, Tannoy PBM8's, KRK Rockit 5's, 2 Pro Co 4's Directs, PM 148 patch bay, Niche Automation, Panasonic 3700 DAT, TDK CD Burner, JVC TD 711.



Avid Pro Tools, Performer Software MOTU, CFX Concert Grand Garritan, Massive Pack Plugins, Reason, Miiroslav Philharmonik Orchestra and Choir, Sample Tank 2XL, Amplitube, Ableton Live, Toast Titanium, Roxio, Jam, Finale,



Kurzweil PC88mx, RD 300sx, Roland XV-88 with 2 SRX cards, piano and world collection and 2 SR-JV80 cards, Roland XP-60 with 4 SR-JV80 sound cards, Roland A-90, VK7 Roland Organ, Proteus II, Roland D70 with 2 sound cards, S550, MKS 80, SPD 11 Percussion Pad, Alesis HR16, Korg M1REX, Yamaha DX7, CS70, RX 11, Rodgers PR 300, Axis Controller, CAT SRM ll, Kawai Electric Grand, Suitcase Fender Rhodes 1971



Neumann UM57, 2 AKG414's, Sennheiser 421, Groove Tubes 67 Condenser, CAD Trion 7000 Dual Element Ribbon, MXL Solo, MXL R144 Ribbon, Peavy PVM 480, 3 Shure 57's,


Motion Sound Stereo 3D with rotating horn, Peavy KB 300 Black widow spkr,1980 Roland Cube 60 Chorus


Ludwig 1966 vintage Drum Set